Class of 2018  -  Welcome

Ok Class of 2018

.. We know everyone out there with a camera calls themselves a “professional” photographer, but you are smart enough to know the difference. We are offering you your choice of either style of session. Traditional style with studio and more basic style of photography.(probably what your mom likes best! ) or the ‘Freestyle” or more location photography that others call “natural light”  probably because most other photographers don’t have a studio and must shoot at the capitol grounds or some park. We can do any style you really like..or maybe a good mixture of both. ??

You tell us !!

Get in your head what you want and CALL we will do the rest !

          Remember , We book up fast , so call today

                 768.2000   or 800.662.7077


or you can email us:    photographer, owner

What the heck am i 
doing with my hands ?    LOL
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